Under attack in Alien Storm.
Mega DriveSega
August 2018

Alien Storm

While his friends were busy playing more famous 2D beat ‘em ups, Matt Gardner was happier with Alien Storm – though he twice had to overcome his own body’s betrayal just to try it.

Mega DriveSega
August 2018

Golden Axe

Golden Axe’s co-op gameplay captured Tom Clare’s young heart. After countless playthroughs and near-misses, his journey would reach an unexpected conclusion, 22 years later…

Master SystemSega
June 2018

World Soccer

World Soccer on the Master System was what hooked N64 Jamesy on the beautiful game, teaching him how a simple ball game could help him fit in – a passion that lives to this day.

The barn from the gloriously terrible Hard Drivin'.
Mega DriveSega
May 2018

Hard Drivin’

Some games are so bad, they’re good. In the case of Hard Drivin’, Matt Gardner needed a few years to realise that it was an experience that aged beautifully, even if it remained utterly terrible.