November 2018

Star Wars: X-Wing

As soon as she spotted a demo of Star Wars: X-Wing in PC World in the early 90s, @Bhaal_Spawn knew that she was powerless to resist. You could say that it was her destiny.

Preparing an assault in Sword of the Samurai.
June 2018

Sword of the Samurai

A chance discovery of Sword of the Samurai, a decade after its release, helped James Dawson appreciate new culture, strategic decision making, and the true depth that gaming could offer.

A Cybord Midwife and a Hybrid from System Shock 2.
March 2018

System Shock 2

Scanlines can’t remember much of the past 20 years, but he can recall his fear of a fictional being in System Shock 2 – and it made him see video games as a vital form of art.

January 2018

Magic Carpet

Gabriel Schenk tried to complete Magic Carpet using a made-up walkthrough, but the game stimulated his imagination so much, it worked as well as the real thing.