The promotional art for Urban Chaos.
October 2019

Urban Chaos

Ever since he first played Urban Chaos nearly 20 years ago, Marco Giuliani has developed a deep fondness for the underrated third-person adventure.

November 2018

Star Wars: X-Wing

As soon as she spotted a demo of Star Wars: X-Wing in PC World in the early 90s, @Bhaal_Spawn knew that she was powerless to resist. You could say that it was her destiny.

Preparing an assault in Sword of the Samurai.
June 2018

Sword of the Samurai

A chance discovery of Sword of the Samurai, a decade after its release, helped James Dawson appreciate new culture, strategic decision making, and the true depth that gaming could offer.

A Cybord Midwife and a Hybrid from System Shock 2.
March 2018

System Shock 2

Scanlines can’t remember much of the past 20 years, but he can recall his fear of a fictional being in System Shock 2 – and it made him see video games as a vital form of art.

January 2018

Magic Carpet

Gabriel Schenk tried to complete Magic Carpet using a made-up walkthrough, but the game stimulated his imagination so much, it worked as well as the real thing.

SHODAN, the primary antagonist from System Shock, reviewed for us by Dark Blue Monkey.
January 2018

System Shock

A standard Friday chilli-and-games night introduced Dark Blue Monkey and his best friend to a world that shook the foundations of what they understood about gaming.

JFK Reloaded logo.
October 2017

JFK Reloaded

It’s no surprise that JFK Reloaded offended so many, but maybe the modern world needs more games like it in order to preserve common sense?