Master SystemSega
June 2018

World Soccer

World Soccer on the Master System was what hooked N64 Jamesy on the beautiful game, teaching him how a simple ball game could help him fit in – a passion that lives to this day.

Nintendo 64Nintendo
March 2018

Body Harvest

Like many, N64 Jamesy lent and borrowed games to experience what was otherwise out of reach. In the case of Body Harvest, it brought about the necessity to beat it on its hardest setting.

The full map of Viridian City, from Pokémons Red and Blue.
December 2017

Viridian City

VGM can instantly takes us back in time, and for N64 Jamesy, it’s the original Viridian City tune that really hammers home nostalgia – and got him through a difficult time.

A captive Fox McCloud in Star Fox Adventures' LightFoot Village.
November 2017

LightFoot Village

Part of the reason we play games is to unwind, and there’s nothing short of a real chill-out than with the soundtrack to Rare’s hundredth release, says N64 Jamesy.