The barn from the gloriously terrible Hard Drivin'.
Mega DriveSega
May 2018

Hard Drivin’

Some games are so bad, they’re good. In the case of Hard Drivin’, Matt Gardner needed a few years to realise that it was an experience that aged beautifully, even if it remained utterly terrible.

The barrel of doom.
March 2018

Carnival Night Zone

For GameTripper’s 50th piece, editor Matt Gardner discusses Sonic 3’s most playful and cleverly composed VGM, for a stage which forced most gamers to tear their hair out in frustration.

February 2018

Simon Gruber (Quay)

What better music to accompany a truly mad boss level than the cheesiest cock-rock music known to man? Matt Gardner looks at one of Die Hard Trilogy’s little-heard tracks.

Mickey Mouse in Toyland.
December 2017

Toyland Part 1

Toyland’s marching music pushed gamers to overcome the level’s climbing challenge – and it also helped Matt Gardner overcome a personal test.