Mario Kart 8 - Bowser's Castle
June 2019

Bowser’s Castle (MK8)

Bowser’s Castle was much more than just a simple part of the superb Mario Kart 8 soundtrack: it finally gave the ever-present, much-maligned circuit the music it truly deserved.

February 2019

Dog Ending

Silent Hill 2’s secret “Dog Ending” set a bar that no other title has been able to beat, and it was all in the music, says Matt Gardner.

A RE2 typewriter, which featured Secure Place as its musical accompaniment.
January 2019

Secure Place

The 12 repetitive notes of Secure Place were all that Matt Gardner needed to create a feeling of temporary sanctuary in RE2’s world torn apart by zombies.

Beep Block Skyway.
November 2018

Beep Block Skyway

Despite ageing incredible well, the legacy of Beep Block Skyway has been tainted by something a lot less wholesome – as Matt Gardner learned to his horror.

October 2018

Naked Glow

For Matt Gardner, Ridge Racer Type 4 provided the emblematic song of the 1999 school holidays: the warm, carefree Naked Glow.

Under attack in Alien Storm.
Mega DriveSega
August 2018

Alien Storm

While his friends were busy playing more famous 2D beat ‘em ups, Matt Gardner was happier with Alien Storm – though he twice had to overcome his own body’s betrayal just to try it.

Sonic in Wing Fortress Zone.
August 2018

Wing Fortress Zone

Wing Fortress Zone’s music combined a steady pace with an unnerving composition to create an unforgettable song that took Sonic 2 to a whole new level, Matt Gardner argues.