Racing the Prototype in Virtua Racing.
July 2019

Virtua Racing Deluxe

A trip to a motorway service station was all it took for FatNicK to fall in love with Virtua Racing, but its 32X release sealed the deal.

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The Getaway, on PS2.
PlayStation 2Sony
May 2019

The Getaway

Ever feel like a favourite game takes you back to a particular time and place? When it comes to The Getaway, FatNicK means this a tad more literally…

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Chase HQ on the ZX Spectrum.
SinclairZX Spectrum
October 2018

Chase HQ

It was Christmas Day 1989, and FatNicK was about to unwrap what would arguably be his finest ZX Spectrum experience: Chase HQ.

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March 2018


While playing one of the all-time great adventure games, FatNicK discovered one of the most amazing pieces of 90s VGM – a truly groundbreaking composition of interactive music.

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Space Harrier's fourth stage - CEICIEL.
January 2018

Wiwi Jumbo

FatNicK’s background in music was still not quite enough to stop him being stumped by his discovery of Wiwi Jumbo – one of the stranger tracks from Space Harrier.

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