Ultima V, which featured Stones.
April 2018


The world of Ultima was crafted to be an immersive experience, but the need to memorise Stones off by heart struck a chord with Dark Blue Monkey, and it’s stayed with him ever since.

January 2018


It was a piece of music straight off the TV, tinged with lawsuits, infamy and hints of “bad boys of ghetto” hip-hop. Then suddenly, Megablast was in Dark Blue Monkey’s world of gaming…

SHODAN, the primary antagonist from System Shock, reviewed for us by Dark Blue Monkey.
January 2018

System Shock

A standard Friday chilli-and-games night introduced Dark Blue Monkey and his best friend to a world that shook the foundations of what they understood about gaming.

Archipelagos on the Atari ST.
November 2017


Dark Blue Monkey explains how the solitary track from Archipelagos was the perfect accompaniment to a surprisingly horrific game – and still sets the bar for VGM today.