The promotional art for Urban Chaos.PC

Urban Chaos

Ever since he first played Urban Chaos nearly 20 years ago, Marco Giuliani has developed a deep fondness for the underrated third-person adventure.
Marco Giuliani
October 2019
Master SystemSega


A chance find at a car-boot sale proved to be the start of a love affair that spanned three Master Systems – all because of the Gallic charms of Asterix.
Jimi Fletcher
September 2019
Mega DriveSega

Super Hang-On

For Matt Gardner, the existential dread of entering a password on Super Hang-On turned a cute song into something that’s haunted him ever since.
Matt Gardner
August 2019
Racing the Prototype in Virtua Racing.32XSega

Virtua Racing Deluxe

A trip to a motorway service station was all it took for FatNicK to fall in love with Virtua Racing, but its 32X release sealed the deal.
July 2019